Eastern Algarve

The Algarve is famous for sun, sea, sand and golfing holidays but it also has many protected nature reserves and beautiful scenery as well as interesting local handicrafts and winemaking centres.

The Algarve
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The Eastern Algarve

Apart from the obvious of sun, sea and sand, The Eastern Algarve is still avoiding mass tourism and is one of the most unspoilt areas of Portugal. Of course July and August can become very busy but most of the year you have an impression of space and tranquillity as well as a feeling of safety without health or security risks.

Faro Airport is only a short 30 minute drive away and most UK flights take only 2 hours and 30 minutes which makes the area very attractive for a short haul flight.

There are a few tourist centres where you can dance and drink the night away in some excellent discos or visit the Casino at Monte Gordo, but on the whole the Eastern Algarve caters for tourists who want to visit and see things rather than party the whole holiday.

However there are many excellent restaurants and bars with varied menus but the speciality of course is sea food which is served fresh from the sea on the day. In the summer there are many festivals, exhibitions, arts and craft fairs and a lot of live music of varied tastes and many of the local villages have regular markets which are always interesting to visit.

Off season there is still a lot of things to do. The sunshine is still there (but not too hot) and this makes it a wonderful climate for outdoor activities such as walking on the unspoiled beaches on the islands, which you can reach by a short ferry ride. Or walking in the unspoilt hills in the North which have some incredible views. Bird watching is very popular on the Ria Formoso islands and there is even an observatory just outside of Tavira
where you can view the stars most nights because of the mainly clear skies.

Golf of course is an all year round pursuit and East Algarve boasts 7 top class courses.
This area of tourism is increasing every year and more and more groups of golfers are staying in the area enjoying their sport and the area.

Despite the Eastern Algarve keeping it old traditional appearance, there are many new top class hotels appearing which seem to complement the old architecture very well whilst providing a high quality service for tourists.

The Eastern Algarve is bordered by the Atlantic to the south, the N2 Faro-São Brás road to the west, the Vascao stream which forms the border with the Alentejo to the north, and the Guadiana river which forms the border between Portugal and Spain to the east. It is a small area, of approximately 45km south to north and west to east. Everywhere in this area can be visited in a day trip from Tavira which is situates at the centre of the coastal stretch.

Many people are regularly visiting the area buying property either as a retirement home or a holiday home. The rental potential in the area is always very good because of the varied activities which can help towards funding. There is also the incentive of only a 15% tax on profits for non residents which makes it an attractive part time business for many. There are many Real Estate bargains to be had at the moment and despite the current economic climate, property prices in the area have a history of being a solid investment over the long term

Tavira is a beautiful unspoilt town which everyone falls in love with and many use this as a base to take their time and go property hunting to find their ideal purchase.








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