Frquently Asked Questions

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Is Tavira Garden a Hotel
    No. There are many of the larger booking companies which state this, but it is a complex of apartments and villas.

Is Tavira Garden only for tourists.
     No. it has permanent residents, owners with private vacation homes, plus many properties are purely for vacation rentals.

Are the rentals arranged by Tavira Garden.
     No. All rentals are arranged by various companies, either local or international but many are arranged directly with the owners.

Who manages Tavira Garden and the Complex.
     The management of Tavira Garden is carried out by an elected board of officers, elected by the owners from owners at AGMs.

Do all the properties have WiFi.
     The WiFi in apartments and villas can vary. Some charge, some are free, and a few with no wifi at all. There is however a good strong FREE WiFi in the reception and library area at all times. Confirm your wifi set up before booking if you require it in the property.

How far is it to walk into town.
     Some advertisers state that the town centre is only a few minutes walk away but realistically 15 mins brisk or 20mins stroll.

How far is the shopping mall Gran Plaza.
     A comfortable 10 mins.

How far is the nearest supermarket.
Only five minutes along the road.

When is the Restaurant open.
     Normally most of the year, but there will be a period of weeks in the off season where the restaurant/Bar and shop will be closed.
Please check in advance for opening times.







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